Department of Public Health

Chouteau County

1020 13th Street Fort Benton MT 59442 (406) 622-3771


What is Public Health?

COMMUNICABLE DISEASE - Focus on the prevention and control of dangerous diseases in the county.

COMMUNITY HEALTH - New mom and baby visits, breastfeeding help, foot clinics, flu clinics, health fairs, and school screenings.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS - Community education, support for emergencies, guidelines for getting your family and community ready; including those with special needs.

FAMILY PLANNING - Confidential services to all women of childbearing age. Our services include counseling, pregnancy testing, birth control options, and prenatal classes.

HEALTH EDUCATION - Useful health tips and information.

IMMUNIZATIONS - Offered to both adults and children.

NEWS ALERTS - News and announcements about current health concerns.


  • Chouteau County Cancer Support Group - is here for you....because we all know someone who has been affected by cancer....our hope is to help.

  • Violence Prevention - Information for all aspects of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, elder abuse, stalking, and many other areas and topics relating to different areas of abuse.Hi-line's help for abused spouses Crisis Line 1-800-219-7336 Website Link If you are currently in an abusive relationship, then please Click Here FIRST and read the information. This is "very important".

TOBACCO USE PREVENTION- Reduce disease, disability, and death related to tobacco use.

WIC - Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children providing nutritious foods to supplement diets, information on healthy eating and referrals to health care.

Summertime in Chouteau County

Electronics Recycling Event - August 16th at the Fairgrounds click here for more information.

What Is West Nile Virus? West Nile virus (WNV) is a potentially serious illness. Experts believe WNV is established as a seasonal epidemic in North America that flares up in the summer and continues into the fall. This fact sheet contains important information that can help you recognize and prevent West Nile virus.Click here for more information and prevention tips.

Sun Safety - Being Sunsible - With the right precautions, you can safely play in the sun. Here are the most effective strategies.

Tick Borne Disease and Prevention - Limiting exposure to ticks is the most effective way to reduce the likelihood of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Colorado Tick Fever, and Tularemia infections. In persons exposed to tick-infested habitats, prompt careful inspection and removal of crawling or attached ticks is an important method of preventing disease. It may take extended attachment time before organisms are transmitted from the tick to the host. Currently, no licensed vaccines are available for the prevention of any tickborne disease found in Montana.Click here for more information and prevention tips.

Rabies Risks - Many kinds of animal can pass rabies to people. Wild animals are much more likely to carry rabies, especially raccoons, skunks, bats, foxes, and coyotes. However, dogs, cats, cattle, or any warm-blooded animal can pass rabies to people. People usually get rabies from the bite of an infected animal. Most pets, such as dogs, cats, and horses are vaccinated against rabies, but you should always wash any bite you get from a pet right away and check with your health care provider about what to do.

Heat Related Illness - Summer is here, temperatures are heating up and everybody is outside. We need to be careful we are not affected by heat-related illnesses such as heat syncope (fainting from heat), heat exhaustion and heat stroke. They are far more serious than sunburns. These conditions occur when people become overheated and dehydrated, and in many cases, are accompanied by sunburns.