Department of Public Health

Chouteau County

1020 13th Street Fort Benton MT 59442 (406) 622-3771


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Communicable Diseases

Family Planning

Community Health Programs

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Parental Guidance

Cancer Support

Tobacco Prevention

We provide:

  • Breastfeeding assistance (by appointment call 622-3771)
  • Flu Clinics each fall (dates and times to be announced)
  • Foot Clinics
  • New mom and baby visits if requested
  • School Screenings

Foot Clinic

Our Services Include:

  • Inspection of Feet
  • Trim Toe Nails
  • Massage Tired Feet

Cost is only $20.00.  Gift Certificates are available.

Services offered in Fort Benton at Sunrise Bluffs Estates.  Call the Public Health office at 622-3771 for appointments.

School Screening (Free)

Vision Screening

Kindergarten, 2nd ,4th, & 6th Grades every Fall

Maturational Program (Growth and Development)

4th & 5th Grades every Spring

Safety Awareness

Kindergarten every Sping

Abuse Awareness and Prevention

3rd Grade every Spring