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The County Commission and County Planning Board have been working on a potential update of the County Development Regulations.  The project is at the point where the Commission and the Planning Board would like to ask County residents to review the draft update and provide their thoughts and comments on the proposed changes.  You can download a copy of the draft update here or you can pick up a hardcopy version at the County Clerk and Recorder's Office.  The current regulations are available to download lower on this page.

For more information on the potential update or to provide written/verbal comments on the proposed changes, please contact the County Planner, Jerry Grebenc, at 406495-6153 or via email at

The Planning Department works with the County Commissioners, County boards and County departments to promote responsible development, growth, and land uses in Chouteau County.

    Tasks assigned to the Planning Department include:
  • Growth Policy implementation
  • Administration of County Development Regulations
  • Administration of County Subdivision Regulations
  • Certificate of survey review

COUNTY GROWTH POLICY - The County's growth policy provides guidance for long range, non-regulatory planning in the County and also establishes a framework for working on more detailed shorter-range planning. You can download a copy of the Growth Policy here.

DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS - The purpose of these regulations is to implement the land use goals and objectives set forth in the County Growth Policy. You can download a copy of the regulations here.

PERMIT- A Development Permit is required under the Development Regulations for many types of land use changes. Please contact the Planning Department for more details. You can download a copy of the development permit application here.

SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS- The County regulates the division of land through the administration of these regulations which are designed to promote public health, safety and welfare. You can download a copy of the regulations here.

CERTIFICATE OF SURVEYS AND EXEMPTIONS- The County administrates the creation and filing of surveys and the use of exemptions from subdivision review, such as boundary line relocations and family transfers of land. Updated forms for certificates of survey and exemptions will be coming soon.

FEES: APPLICATION AND REVIEW- In order to assist in covering the costs of reviewing applications, advertising, holding public hearings, or other expenses incidental to the approval of a development permit or a subdivision application, a property owner or a subdivider has to provide a non-refundable fee at the time of application. You can download a current fee schedule here.

Please contact the Chouteau County Planning Office if you have questions:
(406) 622-3035 or 406-495-6153